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Kew Limited Edition Greek Orange Blossom Honey

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With heady aromas of delicate orange blossom, this is an intensely sweet honey with delicate citrus & floral notes.

Orange blossom honey is harvested in May from hives placed in orchards in Argolida, close to ancient Mycenae. The fertile land of Argolida boasts vast citrus groves and accounts for a high percentage of the total Greek production of oranges. 


Our Limited Edition Orange Blossom honey is produced in Greece by our artisan bee-keeper Alexandros Gousiaris, who lovingly tends to his hives throughout the year, moving them seasonally to give the bees access to different native herbs and flora as well as protect them from harsh winter weather.

Made only in small batches, the honey is cold-extracted, unfiltered, unpasteurised and unprocessed, ensuring its nutritional properties are preserved.

Weight: 390g

Ingredients: Honey (100%)


Odysea x Kew Collection

Celebrating core values of biodiversity, quality and tradition together with a commitment to hyper-seasonality, Odysea and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are delighted to share the fruits of their collaboration with an impressive range of Mediterranean food including hand-picked olives, unprocessed honey from lovingly tended bees, Italian balsamic vinegars and Greek extra vigin olive oil.

About Odysea

At Odysea we believe that slow food is the necessary antidote to the restlessness of modern life. It brings us together, feeds conversation, creates new traditions, new rituals, new stories. Food is a way to get back in touch with the things that matter most.

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