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Kew Seedball Butterfly Mix

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A simpler way to grow beautiful wildflower gardens from seed: these seed ball tubes are a fantastic gift for gardeners. Simply scatter the seed balls on top of soil or compost (in spring or Autumn for best results). A mix of native wildflower species that are great for butterflies!


Contains a beautiful mix of native wildflowers perfect for butterflies: Forget-me-not, Musk mallow, Purple loosestrife, Red campion and Yarrow.

Each seed ball contains a mini ecosystem: wildflower seeds are mixed with clay, peat-free compost and a smidgen of chili powder, and rolled into a small ball. Each ball is approximately 1cm in diameter, making them super easy to scatter. The dried clay acts as a protective casing from common seed predators (such as ants, mice and birds). When sufficient rain permeates the clay, the seeds inside begin to germinate - helped along by the nutrients and minerals contained within the balls. The chili powder continues to deter predators while the seed ball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout.

Sowing time: from February to May and from August to October

Flowering info: from March to mid November

20 seedballs per tube - approx. 1000 seeds

UK native seeds

100% recycled card box

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