Zwitscherbox Birdsong Player, Cherry

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An ingenious and attractive birdsong player to bring some calming sounds into your home.

The ingenious Zwitscherbox Birdsong Player brings a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to wherever it's placed.

Change your thoughts and forget your worries as you listen to the calming sounds of birdsong.

The Zwitscherbox can be placed anywhere you like whether that's in the home or office - you can even hang it on the wall!

With a stylish cherry wood finish, the Zwitscherbox is a simple and modern addition to any space.

The chirping bird sounds will be activated by a motion sensor and gently fade out after two minutes of calming birdsong. When you need a break from the sounds of nature, just turn it off using the switch on the side of the box.

Runs on three regular AA-batteries which can be replaced by unscrewing the back plate.

Type: Wildlife