Yayu Wild Forest Wholebean Coffee

Fantastic hand-roasted wholebean coffee from the Yayu Forest Reserve in Ethiopia.

A juicy coffee with notes of meyer lemon and tropical papaya fruit on the mid-palate. With sweet and lingering citrus aftertaste and a hint of toffee.

- Wholebean
- 200g
- Light roast

The Yayu Forest Reserve in south-west Ethiopia is one of the last and most important remaining places for the preservation of wild Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica).

A joint project between Kew, Ethiopian partners, and the London coffee company Union Hand-Roasted Coffee was launched in 2015 to preserve the rainforest of Ethiopia by sourcing and roasting amazing coffees. The project team are working with farmers in the Yayu Forest Reserve in South West Ethiopia to improve the quality of their coffee. Better coffee means better prices for farmers and a thus a more sustainable income. Maintaining forest coffee production helps to ensure forest preservation and the wildlife it supports, as well as key coffee genetic resources.

This coffee is hand-roasted in small batches and sourced via Union Direct Trade.


Light roast.

Type: Drinks