Wild RSPB Secret Garden Gin

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Wild is a tribute to the flow of the country and work of the RSPB. The gin is distilled with nine wild botanicals, some of which can be found in the world's largest bog in the tip of Scotland.

The flavours of indigenous herbs come through in the taste and aroma of this gin, creating a beautifully complex but well balanced flavour.

Alongside juniper Wild is created using cicely, bog myrtle, dwarf birch, angelica root, winter savory, wooden avens, sweet woodruff, yarrow and nettle. 

The gift tag on the neck of the bottle has seeds within it, so it can be planted to support the natural growth of these herbs and plants. 

20% of all sales of the Wild Secret Garden Gin are gifted to the RSPB.


40% alcohol

Type: Drinks