Tree Vision - Know Your Trees in 30 Cards

Do you suffer from tree blindness? Learn to read the leaves using these flashcards and you'll have the differences between tree species down in no time. Use the cards to identify your favourite trees, or set yourself a new challenge: can you recognise a horse chestnut tree from its leaf, or do you need to see its distinctive conkers before the penny drops? Each card includes detailed images, plus fascinating facts about all the trees featured. 

  • Learn the difference between oaks, ashes, yews and firs (among others) using these visually striking flashcards
  • Species, varieties, seed and leaf shapes will be imprinted on your consciousness in no time, giving you perfect tree vision
  • A boxed reference set for nature lovers, including interesting facts about the trees featured

Text by Tony Kirkham, illustrations by Holly Exley, 30 boxed cards, 200 x 110 mm. ISBN 978-1-7862-7673-5, Laurence King in association with RBG Kew, 2020.

Tony Kirkham is Kew's Head of Arboretum, Gardens & Horticulture Services, and author of many books including Remarkable Trees. Holly Exley is a watercolour artist based in Derbyshire. She has illustrated several products including Match a Leaf