The Wisdom of Nature

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Author and travel writer Dixe Wills likes to champion the underdog.

In this new book, he celebrates 70 living things from the world of nature that are unfairly maligned by humans and yet manage to beat the odds in some inspiring or uplifting way.

From bacteria and bluebottles, to puddles and wasps, there's so much we can learn from the curious creatures and the natural world around us. Take the slug, for example: "Slugs, like us, yearn to be the object of a little human love and sympathy. Unlike slugs, you have a chance of this dream coming true. Also, beer will not kill you. Not immediately, anyway."

Written in Dixe's inimitable style, this charming book is sure to delight his many fans and gain him new readers with an interest in the natural world.


    Dixe Wills
    160 pages

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