The Remarkable Miss North DVD

The Remarkable Miss North, presented by Emilia Fox, reveals the unknown story of Marianne North, one of the most prolific botanical artists of the Victorian age.

Unbound by social convention, this Victorian rebel embarked on a project that changed the face of botanical research. She dedicated her life to painting the world’s plants in the wildest of places; an artistic legacy that remains as mesmerising today as it was in 1882 when her gallery opened at Kew Gardens. In this one-off documentary, we unveil the life and times of this extraordinary woman whose passion for plants has established her as one of the most important female botanists of all time.

The film was featured on BBC4 under the title 'Kew's Forgotten Queen'.

Supported by: Mr and Mrs Thomas C. Sheffield, Jr. JS Charitable Trust
Executive Producers: Jack Andrews, MBE, Lavinia Warner, Dan Oliver, Dan Chambers
Producer and Director: Irene Antoniades
Director of Photography: Paul Woodd-Walker Editor: Bjorn Johnson
Director of Production: Sarah Sapper Production Manager: Libby Daker-Taylor

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