The Living Jigsaw

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It’s so heartening…to read this treatise designed to instil or enliven an interest in better, truer practices, to foster a deeper wrought ability to create dynamic, interesting, complementary assemblages of plants and animals and fungi which can genuinely be described as great gardens Hurrah! At last a gardening book that completely gets it. Chris Packham, TV presenter, naturalist and wildlife expert.

Gloriously inspirational for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Sue Price, Saga

...beautifully laid out, packed with interesting information and is a delight to read. Garden and Gardener

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…this book is a joy...[Val's] book will inspire and remind us that as gardeners we can both encourage and enjoy the biodiversity of nature without feeling we have to conquer it. Timothy Riggs, The Hardy Plant

This is an all-round book that brings wildlife into gardening and sees wildlife as a key part of the garden...the perfect mix of blooms and butterflies, hostas and hedgehogs...We can take elements from this book and use them in our own gardens. Kate Bradbury, The Garden

…a delight. I had a hard time putting it down...Reading this book is like looking at your garden with a close-up lens. Brian Thompson, Elisabeth C. Miller Library

Never has there been a more poignant time to educate gardeners on the importance of cultivating a healthy ecosystem...Val does this effortlessly, with every page of this delightful book a joy to turn. Louise Midgley, Sunday Express

Val Bourne’s garden is living proof that cultivating a healthy ecosystem; what she calls her ‘living jigsaw’ really can produce a beautiful and productive garden. By encouraging a wide diversity of birds, animals, insects, and even slugs, your garden will find a natural balance that will allow plants to shrug off problems before they become entrenched.

The Living Jigsaw is a masterclass in natural gardening. Val’s personal, inspirational and practical approach offers tried-and-tested techniques, with beautifully illustrated, proven results. This book not only champions natural gardening, but also explains why it works and offers a compelling reason to make your garden chemical-free. With stunning photography by renowned garden photographer Marianne Majerus.

Val Bourne is a celebrated garden writer, photographer and lecturer. She has won multiple awards including Journalist of the Year by the Garden Media Guild. She gardens on the wind-swept Cotswolds at Spring Cottage - high above Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. Val is a hands on gardener and a committed plantaholic. She manages her third of an acre garden without using chemicals - something she has always believed in. Marianne Majerus is renowned for her inspirational garden images and has been awarded the titles International Garden Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the Year by the Garden Media Guild. Her work is regularly published in books and magazines around the world.

Author: Val Bourne, with photographs by Marianne Majerus. 240pp, 200 colour photographs, 246 x 186mm, hardback, ISBN  978 1 84246 626 1, Kew Publishing, 2017

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