The Kew Gardens Girls

A heart-warming historical novel about women in wartime, inspired by real life events.

It's 1916 and England is at war. Desperate to help in whatever way they can, Ivy and Louisa enlist as gardeners at Kew, taking on the jobs of the men who have gone to fight. Under their care, the Gardens begin to flourish - but Ivy and Louisa aren't being treated fairly, and not everyone wants them there. Without women's rights, the pair begin to struggle - but can the support of the Suffragettes help their cause? And when a tragedy overseas affects the people closest to them, can the women of Kew pull together to support themselves and their country through the darkest of times?

By Posy Lovell, 304 pages, 234 x 156 mm, hardback, ISBN 9781409193272. Published by Trapeze in association with RBG Kew.

Posy Lovell is a pseudonym for author Kerry Barrett, who has several historical fiction novels with HarperCollins. You can find her on Twitter @kerrybean73.

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