Michael Michaud Olive Necklace

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The Olive necklace is cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with olive green freshwater pearls.

Since ancient times olive leaves have been a symbol of beneficence. To the Greeks they were a mark of peace and victory; olive leaves crowned the winners of the Olympic games.

This beautiful olive leaf necklace will add a grecian touch to even the simplest of outfits.
Finished with green pearls for a subtle touch of shine.

Michael Michaud

The Michael Michaud jewellery collection is made by creating moulds directly from botanical elements in a process similar to lost-wax casting.
While traditional lost-wax casting begins with a hand-carved model of wax, Michaud instead uses an actual leaf, branch or flower in place of the wax model.
A mould is then created around it and as it is heated the plant matter burns away and leaves behind a beautifully detailed mould of itself.

These pieces are then finished with coral, pearl and beads to create uniquely detailed botanical jewellery .

Type: Jewellery