Marianne North Gift Wrap Set of 12 Sheets

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Book containing 12 sheets of quality wrapping paper featuring paintings from the Marianne North collection.  

Twelve beautiful paintings from the iconic collection of Marianne North. An intrepid Victorian traveller and prolific painter, Marianne housed her collection at Kew, where you can still see 848 of her paintings on display at the Marianne North Gallery. 

This book contains twelve sheets of beautiful gift wrap, each measuring 50 x 70 cm (19½ x 27½ inches) when unfolded. Printed on quality paper, each sheet tears out easily, leaving you with a clean edge for hassle free gift-wrapping.

Book containing 12 sheets of gift wrap. 50 x 70 cm.
ISBN 9781842466810
Kew Publishing, 2019

Type: Stationery