Large Goatsbeard Paperweight

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A real goatsbeard flower head has been captured in clear resin.

A perfect way to keep your papers in place or a beautiful ornament.

Comes complete with a Kew gift box.

Product Information
Diameter 85mm
Weight 480 grams
Presented in a Kew gift box
Made in Wales

Goatsbeard (Tragapogon Pratensis) Common name Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon, as the flower opens in the morning and closes at midday; meadow salsify, showy goat's-beard or meadow goat's-beard is a biennial plant in the Asteraceae family, distributed across Europe and North America, commonly growing in fields (hence its name) and on roadsides. It flowers between June and October and its flowers have a diameter of 3–5 cm. The root and buds are edible, and it has a milky latex.

Type: Paperweights