Kew Wildlife Seed Collection

Get both the Butterflies and Bees of Kew Gardens seed packets in this handy wildlife seed bundle.
The perfect gift for an aspiring gardener to add some colour and nature to their garden.
Bees of Kew Gardens Seeds
The Bees of Kew Gardens seeds are a pollen rich flower mix designed to bring a flurry of new flying friends into your garden and help with pollination. 
Specially formulated for bees and full of nectar and pollen rich annual and perennial wildflowers. 
This colourful wildflower mix is perfect for gardeners with their own honeybee hives, or those wising to encourage bees into their gardens.
Height 60cm. Spread 30cm
Seed mix covers approx 1 square metre.
Sow from March/May or July/August.
Butterflies of Kew Gardens Seeds
A blend of specially selected seeds designed to attract butterflies and other beneficial insects in to your garden.
Excellent for making attractive drifts of colour and for making your garden a haven for wildlife.

Height 1m. Spread 30cm.

Sow March to May.
Seed mix covers approx 0.8 square metres.

Delivery Restrictions
Unfortunately seeds cannot be shipped to the following countries. Please be aware that if you order this item to one of these countries, it will be refunded and not included in your order.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa or United States of America.