Get Plants

Plants are amazing. They remind you of deserts and mountains and forests, bring nature to your home and make you feel better. Who wouldn't choose to share a space with them - but where do you start? The good news is there's a plant for every windowsill or shelf, for every shady yard or front door step. And whatever your style - from urban sleek to shabby chic to retro - there are plants that will fit into your life and make it brighter and more interesting.

Get Plants picks up on this trend by putting plants front and centre of a new book for a wide general audience, especially those that don't see themselves as gardeners. It shows that with a little know-how you can find a plant that will flourish in the many different "ecological niches" available in and around your home from shady basement stairwell and south-facing windowsill to a sun trapped courtyard. Exciting contemporary photography shows how they pep up your living space and give a taste of the satisfaction you get in looking after them. This is an opportunity to showcase intriguing sundews and lithops, embrace the clashing exuberance of bedding plants, recreate a forest understory in your living room and find out a bit of plant science along the way - why succulents grow slowly, why pitcher plants trap insects, why the Swiss cheese plant has holes in its leaves.

The book draws on the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - its scientific work, plant hunting and fieldwork, plant collections and horticultural knowledge. Throughout the book author Katherine Price weaves in the expert advice of Kew's gardeners and scientists, distilling the essence of Kew's expertise into practical use. This beautiful book illustrated throughout with photography by Sarah Cuttle is a no-nonsense, practical guide guaranteed to inspire any reader.

I hope that through reading and enjoying this wonderful book, many more people will be encouraged to have a go. All of our lives are richer when shared with plants! Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

...this book is bang on trend. It shows that with a little basic know-how you can find a plant or flower that will flourish in any of the different ecological niches found in and around the home. The Flower Arranger Magazine

This is the ideal book for your student son or daughter if they lack green fingers, as Katherine takes a youthful and upbeat approach to matching plants to personality types. Paula McWaters, Country Living

Katherine Price is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, as well as a trained gardener, having previously worked for 10 years at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where she specialised in alpine and woodland plants. She has worked on four gold medal winning gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show for the Alpine Garden Society, and is a trustee of the Merlin Trust, which gives travel grants to young professional gardeners. She has travelled extensively to see plants in the wild, especially in the mountains of Europe and North America. Sarah Cuttle's 15 year career has taken her across the UK and Europe, working for many world class magazines and publishers. She is a regular contributor to Gardeners' World magazine, has worked on a wide variety of books and is one of a handful of photographers to work for the RHS at their Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows.

Author: Katherine Price, with photography by Sarah Cuttle. 240pp, 400 colour photographs, 214 x 253 mm, hardback, ISBN 978 1 84246 627 8, Kew Publishing, 2017

Type: Books