Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants

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A must for any plant lover or gardener, this stunning and stylish book celebrates the plant world and displays the beauty of plants in exquisite detail.

Flora is an elegant new introduction to botany and the plants that populate our planet. It's packed with dramatic photography of some of Kew's most fascinating and beautiful plants from the Gardens, nurseries and glasshouses, illustrating in breath-taking quality the structure, biology and environmental adaptability of plants, from root to tip. 

With fascinating stories of how plants communicate with each other, Flora offers an engaging introduction to the extraordinary diversity of the plant kingdom and is an excellent gift or reference for any adult or young adult with an interest in the natural world.

With a foreword by Kathy Willis, Kew's former Director of Science.

Includes 4 exclusive botanical prints.

440 pages, over 1,500 colour images. 301 x 252 mm. Hardback
ISBN 978 0 2412 5480 6
Dorling Kindersley in association with RBG Kew, 2018

Type: Books