Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Algarve

Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Algarve is the most comprehensive identification guide to the rich Mediterranean flora of the Algarve region of southern Portugal, including the Cape St. Vincent Peninsula National Park, an area of immense botanical importance with numerous endemic and rare species. Detailed easy-to-use entries make this guide an essential companion for botanists, students and wildlife tourists.

This second edition has been fully updated to the latest in plant phylogenetic relationships, with information provided on where to see plants, and descriptions of habitat and vegetation types. In addition rare and unusual plants of the region are highlighted, including orchids and parasitic plants. With over 1,000 species descriptions, the book is abundantly illustrated throughout with more than 650 stunning colour photographs and 780 line drawings.

Chris Thorogood is Deputy Director and Head of Science at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and has taught field biology in the Algarve for nine years. He is the author of Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean (Kew Publishing, 2016), Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Eastern Mediterranean (Kew Publishing, 2019) and Weird Plants (Kew Publishing, 2018). Simon Hiscock is a Professor of Botany, and Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. He led botanical field courses in the Algarve for over ten years with the University of Bristol. His research focusses on plant evolutionary genetics and plant reproduction.

Authors: Chris Thorogood, Simon Hiscock, 274pp, 650 colour photographs, 780 line drawings, 3 maps, paperback, ISBN 9781842466964, Kew Publishing, 2019.

Type: Books