Recycled Diamond Blanket, Chinchilla Grey

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A soft and cosy blanket made from sustainable materials so you can get comfy, whilst knowing you're helping the environment.

Made from approximately 300 recycled plastic bottles, this light grey blanket is so comfortably and cosy. With a soft texture like wool, the diamond blanket is machine washable, stain resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Can be used on the end of a bed, as a sofa throw or outdoors to keep you cosy in the cool Autumn evenings.

This blanket is hand-loomed, so some minor variations in colour and size can be expected.


Please note: The diamond blankets feature a lovely, open weave that is designed to look and feel like a natural wool throw. As with wool and natural fibres some pilling can occur, as can some yarn snagging though these are usually easy to repair.


Type: Home