Hot Pepper Seeds

A selection of Piccoli Hot Pepper seeds presented in a colourful cardboard sleeve with full instructions to help you grow your own chilli pepper plants. 

Plant Size
Up to 45cm width, 70cm height

Container Size
30 x 30cm

100% GMO free

Cayenne Long Slim
Also known as Guinea Spice or red pepper. A classic hot pepper.

Chocolate Habanero
A gorgeous deep brown colour known to be one of the hottest varieties of habenero pepper. An exotic, rich and smoky flavour. The ultimate chili for the Jamaican jerk sauce.

Jalapeno M 
Usually eaten when green and amazing both fresh and pickles. They can also be left to ripen to red when they become much sweeter. 

Lemon Habanero
Also known as yellow habanero, it is a lantern-shaped chili that matures from green to lemon yellow.