Cacti of Eastern Brazil

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The cactus family is an almost entirely New World group of unique plants. Within the Neotropics there are only a few geographical centres of cactus diversity. The third most important of these is Eastern Brazil. Phytogeographically isolated from other cacti habitats by ’hostile’ environments, this region boasts a high percentage of endemic taxa, making it a discrete area of study and of great importance for conservation. This landmark publication includes 77 full page colour plates and 51 colour maps.

'This book... stands out as the most complete and authoritative record of the cacti of eastern Brazil, and should be in the reference libraries of all dedicated cactophiles.' Roy Mottram, Cactus & Succulent Journal of America

Authors: Nigel Taylor, Daniela Zappi, 511pp, 246 x 197mm, hardback, with jacket, ISBN 9781842460566, Kew Publishing, 2004

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