Gajah Mountain Indonesian Ground Coffee (S)

This product is near or passed it's best before date so we've reduced the price for you to enjoy immediately. Products past their best before date are still safe to consume, but the flavour may reduce over time.

Fantastic hand-roasted coffee from Sumatra in western Indonesia. Ready ground for use in a cafetiere.

A rich and creamy coffee with an earthy and herbal, dark chocolate flavour profile that is distinctive to Sumatra, Indonesia. With deep and rich tones that bring out a treacle, caramel finish when used in milk coffees.
For use in a cafetiere.

- 200g
- Dark roast

Gajah Mountain, is grown on the island of Sumatra in the province of Aceh. The consistent weather conditions means that Sumatra has almost a year-round harvest season, with fresh coffee available almost all year.

This coffee is hand-roasted in small batches and sourced via Union Direct Trade.

Type: Drinks

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