Kew Wild Marjoram Seeds

This hardy perennial herb has sweet smelling, aromatic foliage which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.
Oregano, also known as Wild Marjoram makes a useful and low maintenance addition to the herb garden.
The flowers produced in summer and autumn can also be used for flavouring after they have been gently dried.

Flowering Period: July, August, September
Sowing Months: January, February, March, April, May, June
Position: Full sun

Approx 1500 seeds.

Pollination Seeds

The pollination seed collection brings together a range of plants and flowers that are not only beautiful, but will also help attract a wide variety of pollinators to your garden and help enhance the ecosystem. 

Pollination occurs when pollen is transferred from flower to flower by animals such as bird, bees, bats, butterflies, beetles and moths. By encouraging these animals to your garden, with pollinator friendly seeds, you can help more natural growth occur within local landscapes. 

Across the world there is evidence that pollinating animals have suffered via loss of habitats, disease and chemical misuse, creating a shortage of these vital creatures. 
One of the things that home gardeners can do to help is to cultivate native plants that provide nectar and food for pollinators, such as those you will find in the pollination collection.

Delivery Restrictions
Unfortunately seeds cannot be shipped outside of the EU. Please be aware that if you order this item outside of UK and the EU, it will be refunded and not included in your order.

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