Planting for Honeybees

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No matter how small or large your space from a window ledge in the city to a country garden Sarah Wyndham Lewis offers practical advice on which plants to grow, and when and where to plant them.

Of the 25,000 known species of bee worldwide, only seven species are honeybees.

Bees and plants have a sophisticated and delicate symbiosis. In recent years, the shrinking of green spaces has endangered the honeybee. Now Planting for Honeybees shows you how you can help these delightful pollinators to flourish by creating a garden as a habitat for them.

Charmingly illustrated with delicate drawings, this a jewel of a guide to treasure.

Hardback: 144pp
ISBN: 9781787131460
Author: Sarah Wyndham Lewis
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing, 2018
Size: 14.3 x 2.2 x 19.4 cm

Type: Books

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