The Kew Poppy Box

A delightful gift box containing 6 individual heritage poppy seed packets.
Exclusive to Kew, this gift box of seeds features 6 poppy seed varieties, carefully selected for their heritage and deserving of a place in any modern garden.

Poppy Varieties include:

Oriental Mix - A mix of oriental poppies with shades of red, pink, orange and white.

Ladybird - A brighter version of the corn field poppy producing shining crimson single blooms with a black blotch.

Iceland Mix - Native to sub polar regions of northern Europe and North america producing bowl-shaped flowers in shades of cream, yellow, salmon, orange, pink and red.

Shirley - Developed by the Rev William Wilks from a single flower spotted in a waste corner among a patch of the common scarlet field poppies which had a very narrow edge of white.

Wild or Corn - Producing a large seed head with edible seeds used in flavouring cakes and bread.

Opium mix - Also known as the breadseed poppy, these opium poppies will flower with ornamental purple hues.

Delivery Restrictions
Unfortunately seeds cannot be shipped to the following countries. Please be aware that if you order this item to one of these countries, it will be refunded and not included in your order.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa or United States of America.

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