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Orchids—with more than 25,000 species—spark passion as nothing else in nature. Personages as diverse as jeweler Henri Cartier, designer Vivienne Westwood, author Susan Orlean, and thousands upon thousands of plant hunters have been seduced by their bewitching beauty, aroma, and rarity. Now master photographer Fabio Petroni has created a stunning tribute to this flower, capturing them in close-up and detailed still lifes, with irresistible charm and appeal.

This beautiful book is full of stunning colour photographs of orchids.Through his lens, master photographer Fabio Petroni has captured the most secret forms of these marvellous creatures of the plant world. Flowers with their throats throbbing and open, plants that flexible or poised in position, follow one after the next, in image after refined image through the pages of this book. They are accompanied by equally stimulating text, filled with curiosities and insights, written by author Anna Maria Botticelli, who has intimately known the orchid, forever.

Photographs: Fabio Petroni
Anna Maria Botticelli
208 pages
White Star Publishers (November 5, 2013)

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