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Flowering Plant Families of the World

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  • Flowering Plant Families of the World
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Flowering Plant Families of the World

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  1. Editors: V.H.Heywood, R.K.Brummit, A. Culham, O. Seberg
  2. 424pp. 310 x 235 mm. Hardback
  3. Kew Publishing, 2007
This updated and revised successor to the classic book, Flowering Plants of the World', is an authoritative introduction to the Earth's colourful and distinctive flora, comprising comprehensive accounts of more than 500 flowering plant families. Each entry describes distribution, diagnostic features, classification, structures, uses and ecology of flowering plants. Over 1,000 visually stunning and precisely scaled illustrations display the major characteristics of key plants, and detailed maps show worldwide distribution.

Written by a team of acknowledged experts, this is the definitive survey of flowering plants worldwide, and brings to the forefront the latest views on their classification.
There is an extensive and meticulously illustrated glossary, and a comprehensive index, with plant names in both Latin and English; which complement and complete a beautifully illustrated and accurately researched work of reference.
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