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The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants

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The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants

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Wolfgang Stuppy, Rob Kesseler & Madeline Harley
Edited by Alexandra Papadakis

The tiny forms of pollen have fascinated the scientifically curious
since the seventeenth century but their perfect design and structure cannot be seen with the naked eye. Seeds are the most complex organs produced by plants: some, like orchids, are dust-like while others such as the Seychelles nut can weigh over twenty kilos. Their highly sophisticated structures have been evolving since prehistoric times as have the wiles they use to attract and deceive their chosen dispersal agents.

Fruits are not there just for our delectation – they protect the seeds that are inside them and their weird and wonderful structures have evolved as a protection for the seeds and to ensure their efficient dispersal whether by wind, water, animals or humans.

These extraordinary images are accompanied by a simple text explaining in clear, straightforward language the structure and form of pollen, seeds and fruit, their role in preserving the biodiversity of our planet, and the means, often devious, by which they ensure their survival and thus ours.

250 x 250 mm
144 pages in full colour
isbn: 978-1906506-02-5
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