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Jan Constantine Hip Flask
This hip flask features Jan Constantine's stylish China Blue design.
Premium Deerskin Gloves
A premium glove for all-round use. The palm in deerskin and reverse in breathable spandex. For precision work, with extra good feel.
Fox Soft Toy
This lovely fox will make a great addition to any soft toy collection.
Little Gardeners Starter Pot
Help to encourage kids to enjoy gardening with these seed starter pots.
Plants: From Roots to Riches
Based on Radio 4’s landmark series, Kathy Willis, Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and Carolyn Fry, the acclaimed science writer, will take us from the birth of modern botany right through to the modern day. Full of amazing images from the archives, (some never reproduced before) and packed with history, science, memorable tales of adventure and discovery, politics and conflict, changing economic and social preoccupations, each chapter tells a unique and fascinating story, but, gathered together, a great picture unfolds, of the development of a most remarkable science, the magic and beauty of plants and ultimately our dependency on them.
Sarah Raven's Echinops Globe Thistle
Zinnia 'Sprite Mixed' seeds from Sarah Raven's wildflowers range. Great for attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.
"Hot House in a Cold Climate" Christmas Card Pack
This set of 6 Christmas cards features a beautiful wintery picture of the Palm House by artist Lucy Loveheart. Lucy loved the idea of depicting the contrasting temperatures of the hot, tropical Palm House and the frozen lake and winter gardens.
Metal Robin
The gardener's best friend; this charming metal robin will brighten up your garden, windowsill or home.
8 Item(s)
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